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Our Plasma & LCD parts are mostly supplied to the trade who are aware of what part numbers are required via service manuals. In an effort to keep things simple, only basic information is provided on our site. Generally, all our part numbers are taken from what is printed on the board. We do this to aid identification but quite often, they are not really correct but are used only by the manufacturer to aid their build process.

The following notes are to aid non TV Engineers in finding the correct part for your set. However, it is recommended that you get expert advice before purchasing from us.

We try and only cross reference relevant part numbers. For instance, under "T.Cons” (Screen Drivers) you will usually only see the type of screen it is used with. This is because 99% of the time, the Make & Model of the set is irrelevant and would pull up confusing results in a search.

If a search provides no results, try just part of the number or a different number you find on the board.

Parts manufactured by LG.

Plasma parts have a white sticker with a part number usually starting with either EBR, EBT or EBU followed by 8 numbers. For example; a Z Sus for a PDP50G2 screen may have the part number EBR56305403.

Older parts start with 6871.

EB#******** numbers are also to be found on LCD SSB’s (Main Boards) or AGF******** on some small LCD sets.

Board numbers should generally be ignored. EAX or 6870 numbers printed on the board are usually irrelevant.

LG Power Supplies (PSU) usually begin EAY. The EAX number maybe a good guide but please check the photograph to confirm that all the connections are identical and it suits the correct screen size.

Parts manufactured by SAMSUNG.

Marked on the board is a PBA number. Usually starting LJ92-*****  LJ numbers are used for parts which can be found in all sorts of sets which they have supplied to other manufacturers. Again, the last letter is usually irrelevant and is just an update code.

Please ignore the PCB number. Usually LJ41-***** It just denotes the board with no parts fitted and can easily lead to further problems if relied upon.

BN numbers are used by Samsung for their own sets. For example, their PSU's are usually BN44 or BN96. Older generic PSU's may have an LJ44 number.

SSB's (Small Signals Boards) are usually BN94 numbers but can be hard to track down. Most people quote the BN41 number which is printed on the board. Again, this can be confusing and should not be relied upon. The correct BN94 number is sometimes found on a sticker on the tuner, or elsewhere and may be part of the bar code. Otherwise, it will only be available via the Service Manual.

VESTEL. Suppliers to Toshiba, JVC, Bush, Wharfedale, Acoustic Solutions, Goodmans etc, etc.

A major supplier to the budget market. Common part numbers which customers quote are 17PW* for power supplies and 17MB* for main signal boards. Unfortunately, these are the part numbers of the basic board and vary greatly. The only way to guarantee compatibility is to find the 8 digit real Vestel part number printed on a sticker. A lot of power supplies are interchangeable but not all! The main boards are not unless you know what you are doing.

The correct part number for the main board or power supply can usually be found on a white or coloured label. There are usually 2 numbers. For example;


In this case, it is the second number which is the Vestel part number. Often, this number can also be found on a label elsewhere on the board with a barcode and, at present, starts with 20 or 23.


Many LCD boards manufactured in the Far East & Eastern Europe can have part numbers which do not relate to the exact part you require or the correct part number maybe difficult to confirm. If you are unsure about one of our parts being correct, then please Contact Us with as much info as possible. Make, Model and any numbers from the board.

We are unable to provide information or help you find parts that we do not stock.
We can only supply complete boards for Plasma and LCD Televisions. We do not supply individual components or LCD/Plasma screens.

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